Friday, June 12, 2015

The Original Cake Candle (Plum Pudding Cake) Pillar

I received this candle (but not the base) for Christmas last year (2014) from my Mother-in-law. She knows I collect candles and like to burn them, especially the ones that smell good.  This one was no exception. I used it at work and it made the office smell great. It lasted a few weeks being burned about 8 hours each day of the work week.
The Original Cake Candle (Plum Pudding Cake) Pillar

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A skiing polar bear and chocolate truffle

January 6th, 2014
Today I decided to burn an adorable candle of a skiing polar bear.  Here he (or she) is:
Fancy a ski?
He (or she) is really looking intently at something, don't you think?  At any rate, I believe that if polar bears could learn to ski we'd be in real trouble...  The candle wasn't very big so it didn't burn but for a few hours which meant I had to find another candle to burn.  I picked this candy shaped one:
The best part about this candle, besides the fact that it smells like chocolate and looks like candy, is the sticker on the box.  It reads:
Chocolate Scented
Parfumee au chocolat
not for human consumption
non comestible
Warning stickers have really gone off the deep end these days.  I understand that they're on there for a reason - because some stupid person did what the sticker is saying not to do therefore causing a need for the sticker to be there - but if a human attempted to eat a candy that turned out to be wax, could it really damage that person?  Isn't the wax non-toxic?  And if it isn't, shouldn't I be made aware of that before I set it on fire?  
Anyway, I digress...
It is a cute candle and I found a bunch of them that are made by the same company and come packaged in the same clear, plastic box.  Currently, they're all living together in a drawer labeled "food candles".  Except for this one...

White, pillar candle (boooooring!)

January 5th, 2014
Generally I pick candles that are interesting to buy and burn.  I'm not sure how this candle got into the rotation...  Maybe I was feeling a little "blah" that day and picked a candle to match my mood... I really donno...

Yep, that's THE candle.  Try to contain yourselves, my dear readers!
I hope my husband doesn't see this post... He'll see that I was burning that candle on one of his precious video games...  Fortunately, the candle didn't burn down and do any damage, or I moved it after I took this picture... I probably moved it.  

As you can see, it's a pretty small candle - which may be a reason why I decided to burn it - it didn't last long.

Avon Gingerbread House

January 1st, 2014
I decided to ring in the New Year with the Avon brand Gingerbread House in the Jesus-loving scent of Frankincense and Myrrh.
I, apparently, bought this candle at the Salvation Army (as evidenced by that purple 2.99 sticker above).  I can't say if I got it half off or not - each week the SA runs a sale on their items based on the color of the price sticker.  But I digress...

This candle is so old there isn't a web address on the label but there's no real markings that indicate its age and I didn't try looking it up online.

While that label says the candle height is 1 1/2 inches, the house itself is much taller.  I'm really hoping I got this one on sale at the SA because 2.99 is way overpriced, otherwise...

Isn't it a cute candle?  I don't think Avon sells candles anymore but then again, I haven't seen an Avon catalogue in forever...
Here's what it looked like when it was lit.  Pay no attention to that ugly plate it's sitting on.  Why is it in a bowl?  That's to keep wax from getting on (and ruining) the carpet that's under the little shelf unit the candle sits on.
And here's a view from above of the spent candle.  It didn't burn very long.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 - Happy New Year

Starting with the new year I've decided to dedicate single postings to individual candles.  I know it's going to make for more posts but they'll be much shorter and I can share more of the pictures I take of the candles.  So.... on to 2014's candles!  Happy New Year!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Holidays

December was decidedly MUCH busier in the candle burning area than the summer or autumn was.  It must be because the winter is too cold for me to go outside and do anything.  Here's the first candles I burned, a pair of beeswax candles.  They must have been sheets of beeswax that were wound around the wick, that's how it looked like they were made anyway.
They didn't last very long so I moved on to another small candle - a sparkly pine tree.
This one didn't last long either.  I guess burning the small candles plays a big part in why I ended up burning so many this month.  Here's the next one - a sparkly church.
A small church candle.  The interesting thing about this one is that it isn't solid all the way through. 
As you can see, it's hollow in the bottom.  I don't know why they made it that way but there's my hand "wearing" the church, so you can see just how hollow and small it is.  Needless to say, this one burned up pretty quickly, just like the rest.

Up next were two little fish candles.  They probably would have made cute birthday cake candles.  That is, if I hadn't gotten to them first...
They didn't last long either so I mooooved (ha-ha) on to this adorable one eyed purple cow.
I never understood why candle-makers put the wick in the head only.  I get that it's the biggest part of the candle, but the backside of candles never ends up melting when they're built that way.  I digress...  

Up next is an adorable little mouse candle.
It's like it's almost begging me not to set its head on fire.  Too bad I don't listen to inanimate objects!  

Continuing the tiny candle tradition, I set this Native American bear candle aflame next.  Isn't she cute? 
Yeah, she didn't last long either...

From here I moved into my Christmas/Autumn/Winter phase.  And I have to ask, is it sacrilegious to burn candles bearing Jesus on the cross?  Because that's the first candle I burned when I moved into this phase...
Should I be worried that I'm going to hell now?  Let's hope Jesus understands that I didn't mean anything by burning this candle, because I didn't.  It's just a candle after all.  Anyway, as you can see this candle is pretty flat and has wicks on both ends, which means that if you light both ends at the same time, it's REALLY gonna burn - and it did!

Moving back to lighter fare, I decided it was time to burn some taper candles I'd collected. 
Mr. Snowman

Autumn themed

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas

Santa & Presents

Taper candles burn pretty quickly, those took all of 3 days to melt down.  Next it was on to this cute Jack-in-the-box.  I loved the way the colors of the candle mixed when it melted down.
Next was this little beauty.
She's so cute with her little lamb, I almost felt guilty lighting her wick.  Almost...  And in keeping with the holiday and winter theme, another snowman met his end by my lighter.
As did the three wise men...
If I wasn't going to hell before, I am now... Right???

I'm gonna guess that this Santa wasn't feeling any joy when the flame got down to his part of this candle...  I love that the candle-makers included his little backside sticking out of the back of the word.  Too funny!
At this point, I've decided I don't enjoy the frigid temperatures of winter, or the snow on the ground.  I need some spring (which I know isn't coming for quite some time...), so I picked these candles next.
The house may not say "spring" to you but I think the cheery colors (even if they are chipping off) do.  I did not volunteer for anything that caused me to receive the flower candle, I simply found it at Salvation Army, but it definitely screams "spring"!  Even this cute Noah's Ark candle suggests that spring is around somewhere...
It came in that little plastic box that has a cardboard scene of ocean and sky.  I guess you're supposed to get the idea that the ark is still afloat in the water at this point - notice the waves at the base of the ark.  They must be about to find land because the sky is all bright and sunny-like.  Needless to say, this tiny candle didn't last long.

I returned to the upcoming holiday and a semi-religious candle.  It's less offensive than the crucifixion or three (albeit cartoon) wise men candles but it does have the bible on it, so it's still religious in my book. 
I think it may be depicting advent, even though there's a candle missing and they're not the right colors.  If it isn't advent, I don't know what it's supposed to represent.  I can say that I'm pretty sure it's an older candle.  I don't see candles made like this anymore and the ones I have found that are similar are from the 1970s. 

Next, I chose this snowman-like candle.  I don't think it can be called a true snowman candle because it's just a head attached to a purple ball.  It doesn't even have arms...but it is cute.

For the next candle I went with this one:
It's not really holiday-ish, other than in color.  It really strikes me as an odd candle, the longer I look at it.  Why don't the people have faces?  What are the colors supposed to represent?  Clothing?  I'm at a loss.  It doesn't matter, anyway, because it melted down pretty quickly once I lit both wicks.

I sure have a lot of snowman/snowmen candles...  I liked this one because one of the men is wearing a shirt that reminded me of the University of Michigan - although the colors are wrong.  This one met its demise the day after Christmas.

After burning so many small candles at the beginning of the month, I decided it was time to pick a large candle for the end of the month.  Here it is:
The front of the house

The back right side of the house

The back left side of the house
This one was pretty light for a large candle.  I've come to the conclusion that large lightweight candles are filled with a lot of air in the wax, it makes them melt a lot faster than an identical one that is denser/heavier.  This candle flamed out in two days!  Yeah, TWO days!  I expected longer too.

I went back to a Christmas candle next.  This little snowman who's wishing you a Merry Christmas and making a snow pun at the same time.  Clever...
Later that same day, once the snowman melted, I found this candle that's also making a pun about a bun in the oven.  It must have been from a baby shower.

I have to say, this is a pretty clever and unusual baby shower gift.  I assume that there were a bunch of these and they were given to the guests to thank them for coming to the shower.  Although, it could have been a gift for the mom-to-be as well.  I'll never know...

I went back to needing some springtime with the next candle.  I can't wait to hear the frogs croaking in the water that runs next to my house when the spring does eventually come.

New Year's Eve finally rolled around and I felt it was time to relive the dawn of the new millennium all over again with this bear candle.

Happy 1999 or 2000 (I suppose the candle could have been used for either year) everyone!  But, it was such a small candle that it didn't last long and I moved on to this Asian bear.

I can't read whatever writing that is so it could be another New Year's candle, or it could be saying that China (or Japan or some other country that uses characters like the ones on this bear's back) is the greatest country in the world, who knows?  It was also a very small candle so it melted down rather quickly and forced me to revisit Christmas candles.
I don't think this Santa is gonna fit down any chimneys any time soon!

Once that one melted down I picked this star-shaped Santa to melt.  Check out how skinny this guy is!

That concludes December and 2013!  Happy New Year!